We Are Terabyte Media

Our Mission

At Terabyte Media, we're on a mission to elevate technology journalism to new heights. With a commitment to high-quality, accurate, and ethical reporting, we're not just another news outlet; we're a beacon of trust in an often cluttered technology news landscape. 

Our Core Values


Integrity is the bedrock of journalism, guiding every decision we make. We prioritize honesty, ethics and independence, fostering trust and credibility with our audience and partners.


Transparency is paramount to maintain our audience's trust in our work. We admit our mistakes and celebrate our successes out in the open, and with the only people that matter: our community.


Creativity fuels our innovation and drives us to explore new ideas rather than maintaining the status quo. We seek out interesting people and tell their stories in ways that captivate and inspire.


Excellence is not just a goal; it's the cornerstone of our dedication to delivering unparalleled content. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every story exceeds expectations.

Our Team

Josh Levin
Editor in Chief