Advertising Policy

Last updated Dec. 22, 2023. 
This policy is incorporated by reference within the Editorial Policy.

Affiliate Links

The Terabyte Tribune may publish affiliate links to any of the following companies, either as a standalone advertisement or within content. When you make a qualifying purchase after clicking one of these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. These links do not constitute an editorial recommendation of the product or company.

Disclosure of Relationship

Advertisements must be clearly labeled and include a conspicuous link to this policy. Articles containing inline affiliate links have the disclosure at the end of the article.

Prohibited Categories

We do not permit advertisements for products that fall into the following categories: illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, supplements, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, firearms, explosives, or any other product which would reasonably be considered obscene or dangerous to minors.

Editorial Independence

An advertiser relationship shall have no bearing on The Terabyte Tribune's coverage of the advertiser or their products. Advertisers may not sponsor an article, review or column of which their product or company is a primary focus.